Atlanta Ballet

Atlanta Ballet: The Four Seasons, The Nutcracker, Man in Black, Twyla Tharp’s The Princess And The Goblin, New Choreographic Voices! Ballet Atlanta has..

Atlanta Ballet Performances

Atlanta Ballet – Atlanta, GA has great performance for you to enjoy.. The Four Seasons, The Nutcracker, Man in Black, Twyla Tharp’s The Princess And The Goblin, New Choreographic Voices and more.. Check back often because the Ballet in Atlanta (and Duluth for that matter) updates in real time.

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About Atlanta Ballet:

Atlanta Ballet, a ballet company founded in Georgia by Dorothy Alexander, is not just a typical ballet show. It is a combination of the fabulous talents both from men and women performers, a mixed art (definitely) of dancing that will almost literally keep you on your toes, and a number of interesting and certainly, captivating ‘plotlines’ that will surely WOW you.

Atlanta Ballet was created in the late 20s. It was named Atlanta Civic Ballet in the 40s under the direction of the founder, Dorothy Alexander. They have achieved great milestones being the first ballet company to ever play in different regions. Robert Barnett was Alexander’s successor for the dance company and took over the artistic direction in 1961. By then, the Atlanta Civic Ballet’s name was changed to Atlanta Ballet. After over 3 decades of artistic direction, Barnett handed the position to John McFall in 1994. McFall is still the current director.

Currently, Atlanta Ballet’s dance organization is composed of 21 qualified and professional dancers and 5-6 apprentices. The dancers, as of the moment, are Jacob Bush, Christian Clark, Peng-Yu Chen, Pedro Gamino, Jonah Hooper, Anne Tyler Harshbarger, Tara Lee, Yoomi Kim, Nadia Mara, Tommy Panto, Kristine Necessary, Alessa Rogers, Jared Tan, Jesse Tyler, Abigail Tan, Rachel Van Buskirk, Brian Wallenberg, John Welker, Christine Winkler, Heath Gill, and Deonte Hansel. The apprentices are the following: Cortney Funk, Yoko Kanomata, Drew Grant, Melissa Mitchell, and Jackie Nash.

Atlanta Ballet, unlike any other ballet group, doesn’t have dancer classifications, which only means that all of the dancers in the group have the same opportunity of being chosen for a lead role for each of their ballet performances. Some of their notable story ballet performances were ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Precipice’, ‘Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker’, ‘Swan Lake’, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, ‘The Great Gatsby’, ‘Firebird’, and ‘Cinderella’.

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