Sugarland ~ Atlanta Philips Arena October 22

We are excited about Sugarland in Atlanta, GA performing at Philips Arena October 22. Let us know if you see Sugarland over at Twitter or Facebook.

Sugarland in Concert

Philips Arena – Atlanta, GA

Sugarland - The Incredible Machine
Sugarland - The Incredible Machine

We are excited about Sugarland in Atlanta, GA performing at Philips Arena October 22. Sugarland is one of our favorites.  Let us know if your go to the concert.

Sugarland Atlanta Tickets

About Sugarland:
Sugarland is an American duo made up of singers and songwriters Jennifer Nettles, the lead vocals, and Kristian Bush, also lead as well as background vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, and mandolin. Originally, the group had a third member Kristen Hall, who also happened to be the founder of the group back in 2002, but then she left the group after three years.

Sugarland signed to Mercury Nashville Records way back in 2004 and released their debut that same year called ‘Baby Girl’. This single is from their album ‘Twice the Speed of Life’ which went multi-platinum, not bad for a debut album. When the trio was one less with a member in 2006, it was also on that same year that they released ‘Enjoy the Ride’, their second album. It was on this album that we heard ‘Want To’ and ‘Settlin’’, both of which hit number one in the US. The single ‘Stay’ from the same album got the duo a Grammy Award.

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Their third album was released in 2008 called ‘Love on the Inside’ and from this album came three more number one hits: ‘It Happens’, ‘Already Gone’ and ‘All I Want to Do’. And on 2010, they released their fourth album called ‘The Incredible Machine’. It came out in a standard as well as a deluxe edition. This album reached platinum and had physical album sales of Surgarland go beyond nine million copies as well as an additional of 5.5 million sold in digital tracks.

Even though the pair has won multiply CMA, Grammy and ACM awards, they claim to be taking on an inspired reincarnation with an awakening that floods their music for The Incredible Machine, their fourth album. The duo’s music is influenced by iconic music as well as films from the 1980’s as they were growing up and they have allowed themselves to play along with their inspirations. The pair says they are always open for growth. With such an open mind, it will be no wonder how far they can still go even with their achievements. You definitely shouldn’t miss Sugarland – come and witness how good they are!

Sugarland – Atlanta Philips Arena Overview

Where is Sugarland Performing

Philips Arena – Atlanta GA

When is Sugarland coming to town

October 22, 2011 is happy to have tickets for Sugarland at Philips Arena.  Thank you for your continuing support by visiting and sometimes buying from our humble little website!  🙂

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