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Your favorite: A Perfect Circle – Atlanta, GA showing at The Tabernacle July 20. Since 1999, A Perfect Circle has rocked the house down with their..

A Perfect Circle Live

The Tabernacle – Atlanta, GA

A Perfect Circle - Atlanta
A Perfect Circle - Emotive CD

Your favorite: A Perfect Circle – Atlanta, GA showing at The Tabernacle July 20.   Since 1999, A Perfect Circle has rocked the house down with their concerts.. And, of course, we always like seeing shows at  The Tabernacle.

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Bio of A Perfect Circle:

In 1999, a rock supergroup called A Perfect Circle was created. The group was formed by Billy Howerdel and Maynard James Keenan. Currently, the band is composed of their creators and three more people including James Iha, Matt McJunkins and Josh Freese. A little trivia for you: a supergroup is a group of rock music performers who are all already famous either from performing individually or with other groups. That being said, the members all came from various famous rock band.

A Perfect Circle’s Billy Howerdel is known for his association with the American rock band, Ashes Divide. Maynard James Keenan is known as the lead singer of the Los Angeles rock band, Tool. James Iha is best known as the co-founder and guitarist of The Smashing Pumpkins. John Freese, on the other hand, is known to be a permanent member of The Vandals and Devo. Matt McJunkins joined the band just recently (2010). He is known to be the bassist of Ashes Divide.

A Perfect Circle was able to release 3 albums namely ‘Me De Noms’ in 2000, ‘Thirteenth Step’ in 2003 and ‘Emotive’ in 2004. Mer De Noms means Sea of Names. It is the first album of this group. It was verified platinum in 2000 by the RIAA. Also, it owned the number 4 spot at the Billboard 200. Thirteenth Step is the group’s second album in which it received major success as it reached the number 2 spot on the Billboard 200. RIAA certified it as gold in 2003 and platinum on 2006.

The third album of A Perfect Circle was Emotive (designed as eMOTIVe). It also landed the number 2 spot on the Billboard 200 in 2004. Although, the same year, the band went into hiatus but they returned to ‘rock again’ in 2010. Presently, A Perfect Circle is busy with their tour schedule.
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A Perfect Circle – Atlanta The Tabernacle Information

Where is A Perfect Circle Performing

The Tabernacle – Atlanta GA

When is A Perfect Circle coming to town

July 20, 2011

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