Deftones ~ Atlanta The Tabernacle May 28

Deftones – Atlanta, GA live at The Tabernacle May 28. Deftones certainly knows how to put on an awesome show, and The Tabernacle is one of our fav venues. We have tickets!

Deftones Concert

The Tabernacle – Atlanta, GA

Hey, did you know? Deftones – Atlanta, GA live at The Tabernacle May 28.  Deftones certainly knows how to put on an awesome show, and of course The Tabernacle is one of our fav venues.

Deftones Atlanta Tickets

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Deftones is an alternative metal band that originated from California. Started as friends, Stephen Carpenter (created the band’s name – Deftones), Chino Moreno and Abe Cunningham set up a jam session in Stephen’s garage in ’89. That session became more frequent then regular. Later on, they invited Chi Cheng to join the gang. They made their first four-track demo after that. They began playing in clubs along San Francisco and Los Angeles. Deftones even got the chance to play alongside with Korn. In 2000, Frank Delgado became a full time member of the band too.

Deftones’ albums ‘White Pony’ and ‘Adrenaline’ has garnered Platinum status while ‘Around the Fur’ and ‘Deftones’ has Gold certifications. The band also received a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for the single ‘Elite’ from the album White Pony. Their most recent album is titled as ‘Diamond Eyes’ which was released in 2010.
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Deftones – Atlanta The Tabernacle Review

Where is Deftones Playing

The Tabernacle – Atlanta GA

When is Deftones Showing

May 28, 2011

Deftones will be arriving to The Tabernacle, on May 28. certainly doesn’t know when or if Deftones shall be back again. In the event you don’t want to pass by on this unique experience.. and you don’t, then purchase your Deftones Atlanta show seat tickets promptly, while they are available for sale!

Q: How do Deftones Atlanta tickets come to me?
A: Your tickets are usually supplied by using FedEx…. except when it’s too near to the event. In that instance, you’ll obtain your tickets either through email or else Will Call at the actual locale for instance at The Tabernacle. Your tickets have a guarantee to be delivered in time, btw.

Q: Exactly what is the deal concerning getting tix from a ticket scalper or perhaps Auction site?
A: NO! Bad idea! There isn’t any warranty and you don’t know if it’s a reliable individual if you acquire Deftones Atlanta seat tickets like that. We firmly advise you to keep from that process. The one thing you don’t want is to arrive at the performance with fake tickets.

Q: So just what are Piggyback Tickets?
A: These are Deftones Atlanta tickets in which the seats are found in back or in front of each other. You will only receive these kinds of seats if you specifically want them.. Once in a while, with a good sized group, they like to separate with perhaps 1 / 2 the individuals in one line and the other people in the line to their rear so they’re not strung out in one row.

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