Yanni ~ Atlanta Fabulous Fox Atlanta April 23

Can you believe it? Yanni – Atlanta participating at Fabulous Fox Atlanta on April 23, 2011. Yanni is known for excellent live shows. Should be a great evening.

Yanni Atlanta Fabulous Fox Atlanta

Yanni – Fabulous Fox Atlanta – Atlanta,

Can you believe it? Yanni – Atlanta participating at Fabulous Fox Atlanta on April 23, 2011. Yanni is known for excellent live shows. Should be a great evening.  Yanni Atlanta Tickets

About Yanni:

Yanni, also known as Giannis Chrysomallis, is a brilliant pianist who was born in Greece. He also composes music. I’d like to think he got his fantastic talents and looks from one of the Greek Gods, but that’s just me. His first album was “Yanni Live at the Acropolis” which named his success. Yanni, with all his great compositions and talents, continues to amaze his fans all over the world. His music fills the heart with overflowing joy and peace. It is said that he is what music is all about. Can you imagine that? Actually, you can do more that image, he is on tour!
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Do you like to watch sports events? Then you must have heard several of Yanni’s compositions. Yanni’s music is often used in sporting events, even in the Olympic Games. But don’t get me wrong, his work of art is not only for sports, it is for everyone who loves a great harmony. His music, “contemporary instrumental” as what he likes to call it, simply touches the heart of anyone who hears it. He once said, “”My goal is to connect with people emotionally. I take life’s experiences and translate them into music — music that hopefully creates an impact on the listener.” Indeed, he always succeeds in that aim with flying colors! He has released a new album this 2011 called “Truth of Touch” and has been touring all over the globe. Excited yet? Why not join him while he conquers the walls of the historical Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia on April 23, 2011. Watch him connect with you emotionally by giving you a concert with the best music ever!

Fast overview about Yanni Atlanta showing at Fabulous Fox Atlanta

Yanni live concert not to be missed: Coming here to Atlanta, and playing at Fabulous Fox Atlanta, you really want to witness this exceptional show. Get everyone at once and head out for Yanni in Atlanta at the Fabulous Fox Atlanta. Nothing can compare with the electricity, lights, action and spirit of a live concert.

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Yanni – Atlanta Replay:

Where is Yanni Atlanta performing?

Fabulous Fox Atlanta

When is Yanni coming to Atlanta?

April 23, 2011

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Q:Is Fabulous Fox Atlanta a solid place to see Yanni in Atlanta? Without doubt! Fabulous Fox Atlanta is considered one of Atlanta ‘s finest. You should embrace viewing Yanni at Fabulous Fox Atlanta.

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