Bob Seger ~ Atlanta Philips Arena April 19

Bob Seger in Atlanta at Philips Arena on April 19! Bob Seger has some killer songs to his name, such as Turn the Page,Against the Wind, and Like a Rock..

Bob Seger Atlanta Philips Arena

Bob Seger – Philips Arena – Atlanta, GA

Bob Seger in Atlanta at the Philips Arena on April 19! Bob is the musician behind many unforgettable songs, including “Turn the Page,” “Against the Wind,” and “Like a Rock” among many others. Bob’s upcoming album, Downtown Train, is set to release this year, and some of the songs Bob Seger will perform will come directly from the new album.  Bob Seger TICKETS

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Bob Seger Music Style

Most people consider Bob Seger a rock musician, and this does fit because Bob has said in the past that many of his influences growing up included people like Elvis Presley and Little Richard. Bob also stated that Van Morrison’s music has been a big influence in the past and has helped shape the type of music he does. Most of Bob’s music is very catchy and has a way of getting inside your head. Bob Seger is also a songwriter, and the music he performs is extremely well written with lyrics that most people can relate to. Bob Seger’s unique voice definitely completes the package. His voice is very loud and somewhat raspy, and even though this description might sound unappealing, it’s not. His voice is unforgettable in a good way, and no one else in the music industry sounds quite like him.

Bob Seger Most Popular Hits

The number of hit singles Bob Seger has created since he got started in music in the 1960s is pretty high, but there are a few songs that still stand out today. Bob did the song “Turn the Page,” in 1972, and it was recorded live for the album Back in ’72 which actually didn’t release until 1973. “Against the Wind” is possibly Bob’s most popular song ever, and the album it was featured on with the same name went to number one on the Billboard album chart for 1980. “Like a Rock” is another popular Bob Seger song that many people should be familiar with. It came out in 1986 and made it to number 12 on the Billboard chart that year. Chevrolet used the song for years on their commercials as well.

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