Demetri Martin ~ Atlanta The Tabernacle March 19

Demetri Martin Atlanta Concert

Demetri Martin – The Tabernacle – Atlanta, GA

New York native Demetri Martin in Atlanta at the Tabernacle on March 19, 2011! Demetri puts on comedy shows that are a little outside the norm of what most people are used to with other comedy acts. He divides each show up into three parts – one part is basic standup, the next part involves drawings to help him explain his punchline, and the last part of his acts are usually done with singing and an accompanying musical instrument.  Demetri Martin Atlanta TICKETS

Demetri Martin’s Style of Comedy

Fans of Demetri really appreciate his style of comedy. He specializes in one-liners, which is something that other comedians, such as Steven Wright and the late Mitch Hedberg, were known for. Demetri actually says that Steven Wright is one of his primary comedic influences.
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Many people much prefer one liners to long, involved stories that take forever to get to the punchline — as long as the one liners are funny. So far, Demetri has had few complaints in the funny department! In addition to his successful stand up act, Demetri is also a regular contributer on The Daily Show, and he also appears in the comedy movie Take Me Home Tonight that was released this March.Other

Demetri Martin Projects

Demetri Martin recently released a CD/DVD featuring his comedy, which is titled These are Jokes. This came out in 2006, and in April of this year, Demetri is set to release his first book, which is titled This is a Book. Demetri may additionally have his own show on CBS later this year that he will both act in as well as help write and produce. Another important movie in the works for Demetri is Contagion, which will also star Kate Winslet and Jude Law. This film is more of a thriller than a comedy, so Demetri fans will get to see him step outside his comfort zone a little when the film is released later this year.

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