Taylor Swift and Jake Meet Up at Oscars

[ad#300 x 250 L-side]Taylor Swift, who will be gracing the city of Atlanta with her presence on July 9 and 10 at the Philips Arena, may still have some Jake issues. And by Jake, of course that means Jake Gyllenhaal, the handsome actor who was nominated for Best Actor at the 2006 Oscars for his part in Brokeback Mountain.

Taylor Swift and Jake’s history

Taylor and Jake dated seriously for a few months beginning last fall. Jack pulled the plug on the relationship unexpectedly around mid-December, and Taylor apparently didn’t take it that well. She seemed seriously depressed for a while, but certainly put on a happy face for her Asian fans recently when she began her world tour in February that started in Singapore. Unfortunately, a run-in between Jake and Taylor at various Oscar after parties was inevitable seeing as how Taylor had returned back home by the time the Oscar festivities began. So, how did it go?

Well, several entertainment news outlets, including People, are reporting that the run-in did not go so well. Taylor and Jake were reportedly surrounded by their bodyguards as they had what appeared to be a very serious, heart-to-heart chat. The fact that the two of them did not look each other in the eye at all during the chat and definitely kept their distance from each other after the fact indicates that the talk was satisfactory for neither Jake nor Taylor, and that there may still be some very unresolved issues between the two.

Resolved issues or no, Taylor has to leave again for Belgium on March 6 to begin the European leg of her tour. Who knows what will happen between the two – if anything – between then and now? Hopefully Taylor can put all her relationship drama behind her and put on an awesome show for her European fans in March!

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